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Bessie Butte

We lovingly call this nice hike ‘Chanook Butte’, named after one of our four legged friends. The name was derived because this is one of those few places close-in to Bend that you can let the doggies off leash, and not have to worry about getting a ticket, or upsetting others. Though many of Bessie’s few tree’s were scorched in a wild fire about 3 years ago, the butte is still a fun hike to do when you are short on time, or ideas. To get to Bessie Butte, head East on China Hat Road. Turn right on the first paved road you encounter (Before the Horse Butte turn off)… road 1810. The trail head is marked with a nice new sign that hasn’t been riddled with bullet holes yet! The trail gently traverses 1.25 miles through the burn to the top of the butte. About half way up you begin to have a wonderful panoramic view of the cascades and Newberry caldera to the South. After taking in the views from up top, return to your car via the same trail.


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