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Rickard Road BLM

We discovered this special spot (like we have done with so many around town – by doing a Geocache at this spot. The name of the particular cache out here escapes me, but it was fun, and this little slice of BLM desert land was so nice that we have since added it to our list of favorite dog walk areas.

To get to the trail, head East on HWY 20 and drive far beyond the edge of the sprawl to Rickard Road. Turn right on Rickard Road and drive just shy of a mile until you see a non-descript turn-off on your left accompanied with some small BLM signage.

Like most desert strolls, this one really isn’t a designated trail, rather cachers and horse folk have created a quick 2 mile loop through some interesting rock formations and delightful old Juniper trees.

Provide time to wander around the rock outcrops and admire the trees.

rickard1 rickard2 rickard3

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