A Powder 🎁

To celebrate the opening of Mt. Bachelor for the 2018-19 season, we would like to extend all the fellow shredders out there a little gift.


conepatrol is a neat service we built a few years back, and it is simple, yet a great way to get a dose of stoke when the snow flies. All you have to do is send a text to our powder robot with your ideal powder threshold, and the bot will send you a powder alert when that amount of snow ( or more ) falls overnight at Bachelor.

So if you want to know whenever it snows 4″ or more – Text β€œ4” ( no quotes needed ) to 541-313-6444 to sign up!Β  Or if you want to be alerted when there is 1β€³ of new snow or more ( like you want to know EACH TIME it snows ), text the number 1 instead. Then when your powder threshold has been matched, you get a text:


In the text, there is a link to a page that has all the details from that morning’s conditions report, along with the webcam images. Depending on your phone/messaging software ^ you might get an embed of the webcam on your text message too. Here is an example report from today.

If you ever get tired of conepatrol powder bot, just message it with STOP, and it will go away.

So that is the gift! Text your preferred powder amount to 541-313-6444 – and wax up them boards and get ready to ride!

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