I first registered the domain name for Bend Outdoors just over fourteen years ago. Back then I had visions of creating an online guidebook of sorts, and even coded up a site that (I thought was awesome) sat around for a good chunk of those years. I loved the name of the website, and still obviously do, because it really succinctly defines what many of us love about this magical place – The Outdoors.


As such it seems fitting that the first goal of Bend Outdoors is to share the love many of us have of this special place. Whether it is as simple as sharing a beautiful photo of North Sister, or writing a blog post about a favorite trail – introducing others to the wonders of the Bend Outdoors is critical to ensure that the thing we all love is Protected and Respected.

Fish Salvage, Lava Island Falls Fall 2017


There are many of us who frequently play in the Bend Outdoors, but might not be aware of some of the active problems that are occurring with our playground. Therefore the second goal of Bend Outdoors is to act as a tool to help inform all of us, who enjoy the outdoors of Bend, about critical issues that are affecting it. Our bi-weekly newsletter seeks to keep all outdoor lovers informed of upcoming events and activities in the Bend Outdoors, and to help everyone learn about critical issues and how to become involved.

Hayden Glacier – Middle Sister, Spring 2004


Protecting the very thing we care about is quite possibly the most important goal of the Bend Outdoors project. All proceeds from sales of merchandise are donated directly back to local non-profit groups that act as stewards of the Bend Outdoors.

A big inspiration for this project came from my daughter, Kaydee, who used this very model to raise money for Central Oregon Animal Shelters. Her project – Oregon Paws – has raised over $2,000 in one summer for animals in need. I seek to do this very thing but for local outdoor non-profits that also show a love and desire to protect the Bend Outdoors. A few charities we will be contributing to are:

Join Us!

If these goals speak to you at all, I urge you to get involved in our outdoor community. This can be as simple as picking up trash while you are out on the trails, exploring our blog to learn about some of the current issues the outdoors of Bend are facing – or signup for our newsletter to stay informed on all things Bend Outdoors.

Of course you can also checkout our Store to see if there is anything that might look good on your adventures in the Bend Outdoors.

Thanks for reading!

Timmy Crawford, April 2018


Bend Outdoors is hosted and created using WordPress.com ( which also happens to be my fabulous employer ), and the store functionality is powered by WooCommerce. If you are a fan of WordPress or Woo, or want to learn about either – be sure to checkout the local Bend WordPress Meetup!

The Bend Outdoors logo and other designs were created by the very talented Matt Cole Wilson. Photos on the website are all taken by Timmy Crawford, unless otherwise noted.

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