Wild For The Deschutes

As a fellow lover of the Bend Outdoors – I’m quite certain that you too are quite Wild for the Deschutes! But did you know that the very river we all love to recreate in and around is far from healthy?

Each fall when the irrigation season comes to an end, typically in October, the amount of water discharged from the Wickiup dam is drastically reduced from summer-time flows which average over 1300 CFS down to 100 CFS – the water year graph tells the tale quite nicely – and you can explore the levels in more detail by visiting the BLM gauge website.

Hydromet Pacific Northwest Region | Bureau of Reclamation 2018-08-07 18-35-45.png

When the flows are reduced to such a low level, things get hard for all the species that call the Deschutes home. Each year after the flows are reduced, wetlands become dry, and channels are disconnected from the main stem of the river resulting in fish deaths.

Fish Salvage, Lava Island Falls 2017

With the continued drought conditions in the region, our beloved river is in need of our help now more than ever. Fortunately, one of our favorite local outdoor Non Profit orgs is working to help the Upper Deschutes – so for the month of August, we want to help them keep up their efforts for restoring and protecting the Deschutes River!

Coalition for the Deschutes

So I am proud to announce that for the month of August, all proceeds from sales will be fully donated to the Coalition for the Deschutes. I urge you to get to know the Coalition, and learn about their Shared Vision for the Deschutes which outlines how they plan to work with all key stakeholders in Central Oregon to accomplish the goal of “A healthy, restored Deschutes River”.

To celebrate our love of the Deschutes I’m pleased to announce a special Sticker Pack that is available this month only – to help raise funds for the Coalition. The Wild for the Deschutes Sticker Pack includes three stickers for the price of 1! Our Bend Outdoors Logo Sticker, Bend Outdoors Paddle Sticker, and a Fish Oregon sticker are all included.

$4 from the sale of each sticker pack will be donated to the Coalition, and if we reach our goal of raising $250, all purchasers of the sticker pack will be entered into a drawing to win one of our Logo Hats!

So far we have raised $20 – so I’m hopeful we will hit our goal and pass it! So join me in showing your love for the Deschutes, and if you haven’t done so yet, get to know the Coalition too!


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